User experience design is the pursuit of useable, effective and delightful experiences.

Our mind is scientific, but we’re creative at heart. Through exploration, hypothesis and testing we discover what makes your users tick, and what makes them happy. This becomes the basis for inventing and testing the frameworks for websites, mobile apps, software and games.

We have a lab methodology and a playful attitude. At our fingertips lies an ever-growing range of tools. But in spite of this, we’re not bounded by any one approach. We adjust our tools, strategies and systems to your project’s needs and your business’ objectives.

We integrate with every DT project. If our job is done correctly, no one should know we were ever here. The purest, most joyful experiences are those that go unnoticed. They seamlessly meld with the visual design, the interactive elements and the copy to deliver pure enjoyment and usability, flawlessly achieving business and user objectives.

UX Designers are the custodians of the online experience your brand offers. Our goal is to go beyond simply meeting your users' needs. Everything we build is designed to introduce your users and customers to new and wonderful digital and interactive experiences.

The DT UX Team operates on a set of simple principles

Question everything – We approach UX with a scientific method. Hypothesise, experiment, experiment some more. Testing with users is at the core of our ethos. It defines all our endeavours and results in better, more robust designs.

Best practice isn’t always best – What’s come before needn’t define what comes next. Sure, it can be a guide, but every project is different. Your users have specific wants and desires, and the UX solution must be uniquely tailored to them.

Know your users – Every decision must originate from the user. We examine, interview and understand who they are, what they need and how we can make their digital lives better.

Design for your users – Testing a built product is critical to its success. The DT UX team works in tandem with designers to ensure that the experience of all products is maintained in its fully designed state. We then test the completed work to optimise customer experience.

What are the core skills of the UX team?

Interaction design – We’re always learning more about how people interact with digital things. From building strategies to testing prototypes, we focus on building better, more seamless experiences.

Information architecture – From site maps to internal page hierarchies, the way content and information is ordered and structured is crucial to good user experience. We analyse, test and build content that is easily understood and comfortably navigated.

Usability – All the systems we build must be versatile, usable by the broadest group of people. We ensure this by comprehensively testing and analysing everything we make.

User interface design – The DT UX team works closely with the design teams to direct the visual construction of all interfaces. This ensures that the learnings from testing are flawlessly implemented.

Some of our user experience work



We undertook a complete analysis of the Honda customer journey, from the point of learning about the car through to purchase. This enabled Honda to quantify the value of customers across the digital ecosystem and identify new digital opportunities.



After extensive user research, we redeveloped the MCEC site to expand its content offering with tools, guides, floor plans and useful forms.

View the site



By paying attention to the nuances of each platform and the behaviours of the customers who use them, we have created highly usable experiences across a range of NAB's digital touch points, from desktops to tablets.

View the desktop site



We facilitated focus groups and interviews with project stakeholders from each department in the bank. This allowed us to develop personas and user journeys in order to help NAB design a flexible, future-ready staff Intranet.