Who we are

The creative technology agency.

We’re DT

We inspire and guide our clients into the future, and create brand experiences that people love to share.

We’re curious

We pull things apart and find out what makes them run. Curiosity is our superpower.

We’re brave

We wouldn’t survive in the digital economy if we played by the rules. We stride outside the box every chance we get.

We’re exceptional

We’re fuelled by creativity. We look at things differently, and if something doesn’t exist, we make it.

We’re hungry

We drive to put forward the absolute best recommendations, ideas and executions. We’re always eager to go above and beyond for our clients.

We’re open

We wear our heart and experience on our sleeve. This comes across in how we speak to each other and our clients.

Helping brands thrive in the digital economy

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Our people

We’ve always attracted a wide-ranging bunch: strategists, designers, engineers, analysts, writers and project managers with diverse backgrounds, far beyond Australia and far deeper than the agency world.

We think like a start-up and our people are instilled with entrepreneurial zeal. Thinkers and misfits with an eye to what’s next, we’re passionate about crafting great experiences from immersive VR to brilliantly usable forms.

We are committed to mentoring, training, professional coaching and detailed career development plans. We make sure everyone continuously learns and grows. Our cultural program offers something extra: anniversary gifts, birthday holidays, fitness perks, and an annual ski weekend.

Brian Vella Brian Vella
Chief Executive Officer
Tim Matheson Tim Matheson
Chief Operations Officer
Kacey D’Odorico Kacey D’Odorico
Chief People Officer

Our philosophy

We believe that everyone at DT is creative. From designers, engineers, strategists to art directors, the most creative work happens when each of these specialists collaborate effectively, which we champion through our Supersymmetry concept.

In turn every aspect of our business has been designed to work together, and it’s only in doing so that we’re able to produce work that creates genuinely memorable and pleasurable brand experiences.

In everything we do we look to harness the power of technology and creativity. We’re the combination of creative technologists and technologically-inspired creatives who share ideas to improve each other’s work.

In the modern era of marketing we believe in understanding the big picture before we focus on the detail. We challenge ourselves to upend our own thinking, be laser-focused on the goal while scanning the horizon. We are just as driven by a desire to progress our own industry as we are to deliver on the objectives of our clients. We are brilliant and we are sane. We are rogue and we are reliable. We are strong and we are subtle. And in all these we are perfectly super-symmetrical.

Our technology partners

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Our work

When you look at great work, it’s immediately clear why it deserves to exist, who it specifically benefits, and how it measurably improves the status quo. Great work finds perfect harmony between culture and commerce, simplicity and sophistication, form and function, perfection and pragmatism.

Behind any great work is a diverse team of passionate people united by common values. Mission-driven toward a clear vision. Armed with the right data and customer insight. Empowered to enact bold ideas and yet accountable and patient enough to play the long game.

Great work solves problems and adds value in some way: sales conversions, positive behavior change, brand awareness. The list goes on, and the definition varies; it can move us with its storytelling or help us perform a task with real world utility.

All of our work aspires to meet these standards and beliefs.