By Adam Beaupeurt, Senior Strategist - Social Media Lead

Today's society faces the problem of the paradox of choice - the idea that too much choice paralyses decision making.

A while back, a bloke named Barry Schwartz highlighted the problem, and popularised the phrase.

So in the vein of the choice paradox, and Barry, I've decided to make it a little easier for you and curate some of the TED talks I consider great.

Hand selected just for you. No choice required at all.

1. Rory Sutherland (April 2010), Sweat the small stuff

Rory discusses the disproportionate value of "stuff that doesn't cost very much money" - and proposes that we need Chief Detail Officers in our businesses.

2. John Gerzema (August 2009), The post-crisis consumer

John gives us an insightful view of the post-crisis American. Perhaps the Australian picture isn't as dramatic as the US, but it's certainly still relevant.

3. Joseph Pine (February 2004), What consumers want

Joseph talks about "real fake", and "fake real" experiences that companies provide in an age where authenticity makes money.

4. Colin Camerer (January 2013), Neuroscience, game theory, monkeys

Colin talks about theory of mind, scrapes the surface of game theory, and tells us that we're all stupider than chimps. Thanks, Colin.

5. Barry Schwartz (July 2005), The paradox of choice

Old Bazza's back!

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