A category-defining website that delivered an experience up there with the best in the world.

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The idea

Deakin had the bold vision to finish top of its class in the online space. This is the story of how DT went back to uni. Wild stakeholder parties. Late nights on the laptop. And heaps and heaps of experimentation.

  • Experience Design
  • Data & Analytics
  • CRM
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We designed the site to be highly interactive, immersing the user into a visual and engaging rich-media experience.

Our vision was to combine black-and-white and colour photography with the aim to display ‘real’ people and scenarios.

This approach, along with content like face-to-face video testimonials, helps people ‘feel’ the Deakin experience. And our ‘mosaic’ style allowed us to house content in an exciting way.

Deakin Website Screenshot
We began with research and interviews, and put insights at the heart of our design philosophy.

We started with a bunch of research

Our first action was to put on our detective caps. We performed usability research, data analysis, a landscape review and more. Ultimately, what we did was set benchmarks to see the heights that educational websites could reach – and beat.

Deakin Website Screenshot

We tested A, we tested B

Card sorting, was undertaken by potential audiences to help us gather user insights. By offering slabs of beer and parking coupons, we then lured student to test our initial designs to find out what worked and what didn’t. Responses were overwhelmingly positive, and provided confidence to progress with the designs and content.

The idea delivered

We designed a user-centric, user-tested, best-in-class website that lets a broad range of users easily reach their destination.