Personalisation that gives customers what they want.

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The idea

Officeworks, Australia’s largest supplier of office and stationery products, wanted to cut through the overwhelming advertising and mountain of offers thrown at their customers every day.

Our mission was to reinvent this customer experience by connecting people to the right products and prices at the right time – without the clutter of advertising.

  • Experience Design
  • Data & Analytics
  • CRM
  • Content

We wanted to achieve complete personalisation of every digital touchpoint by using dynamic optimisation, and create a lean lifecycle campaign development process.

Pens and paper may have been tools for thousands of years, but personalisation allows us to optimise the way we offer customers the right pen and paper at the right moment. Our lean lifecycle means we can continuously optimise our content to make sure we’re always championing the customer.

To dissolve the clutter, we used customer’s data to ensure our eDMs contained deals and product information relevant to them based on previous purchases. Those deals and product content are frequently updated based on our rigorous optimisation strategy.

We developed a powerful digital ecosystem of personalisation — possibly the most advanced personalisation integration in the world — and the results show it’s worked.